Civil Air Terminal Dover is located on the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.  It is operated by the DRBA under the terms of a special-use agreement with the U.S. Airforce. This allows civilian aircraft to utilize the Air Force’s airfield facilities at Dover, but requires adherence to the Mandatory Enhanced Security Procedures (MESP) established by the Air Force as well as issuance of a Prior Permission Request (PPR).

For info or questions call: (302) 571-6375 or (302) 757-2952.

Pilot Information

Civil Air Terminal Dover is a tower-controlled airport. Pilots need clearance from both the Air Traffic Control Tower on the Air Force Base and the DRBA to land. Pilots must fill out two different forms: The Dover Civil Air Terminal Release and Indemnification Agreement and the Request for Landing Form. Pilots will then receive PPR number from DRBA prior to using the airport for arrival purposes.

Landing Forms

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Landing Information

Terminal Procedures for Instrument Approaches are updated monthly on the FAA.gov site. For latest procedures use the button here:


Chart Supplements are updated monthly on the FAA.gov site.  For latest chart supplements click this button:


Please put in KDOV as the airport identifier in the Search box on the FAA site for both Chart Supplement and Terminal Procedure searches.

Landing Fees & Other Charges

Landing fees, parking charges and other charges for Civil Air Terminal – Dover are set by Resolution 22-68 by the Commissioners of the Delaware River & By Authority as follows:

FBO Operations

The Civil Air Terminal Dover does not have an FBO and most amenities associated with an FBO such as Ground Power Units, Lav Carts, and Aircraft Tugs are not available. Pilots can call for fuel in advance to make arrangements or coordinate service through Atlantic Aviation, the FBA out of Wilmington Airport. Most crews are advised to bring enough fuel to avoid refueling when landing at CAT.

Did You Know?

There are 21 Joint-Use Civilian/Military airports in the U.S. with Dover being one of ten affiliated with the Air Force and the only one in Delaware?

Rental Car Services

There are no rental car facilities on site, but Hertz, Avis and Enterprise have Concessionaire agreements with the DRBA with nearby operations that  can be called  for cars requested by flight crews and passengers. For more info, click to see our community services:

Food & Beverages

There are no amenities at this terminal.  There are a host of local restaurant and beverage options in the nearby area. To see community services click this button: